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Welcome to 'All Together now'

The choir has many social events throughout the year such as going to see live music, meeting for drinks and going to the theatre.

In our sessions music is taught aurally to help anyone who can’t read music supported by custom made backing tracks for practice. Sheet music is also provided for those who can read music.

We are open to both beginners and those with more experience, no auditions required.

Our varied repertoire includes Musical Theatre, Jazz, Pop, Classical, Blues and Gospel.

“The choir is fabulous, friendly fun” 

It’s lovely to be part of such a friendly group. Victoria always helps us to achieve more and has helped me be more confident with my singing”

“When life is stressful the best thing to do is sing, which is why I joined the choir.  Along the way I found friendship and laughter too”

“No matter how you are feeling before choir, you will feel better after! So good for the soul!!”

As a part of the choir’s community spirit our concerts often fund raise for local charities and have so far raised over £4000! Charities that we have helped include:

  • Misfits Theatre Company
  • Mind Your Music
  • Hope Bags for the Homeless
  • Get Involved with the African Street Children Organisation
  • Temwa